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Faqs – Premier Home Inspections Services

General Questions

What is a home inspection ?

A home inspection is a thorough, objective, visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the foundation to the roof. Having a home inspected is like getting a check-up at the doctor. If problems or symptoms are found, the home inspector may recommend further evaluation.

What does a home inspection include?

A home inspection report will review the condition of a home’s heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing and electrical systems. You can also expect a report on the roof, attic, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors. And don’t forget the foundation and visible structure!

Can I do it myself ?

Most homeowners lack the expertise of a professional inspector and may be unfamiliar with the elements of home construction, their proper installation and maintenance. Inspectors understand how the systems of a home function together and how or why they might fail. Above all, many buyers find it hard to remain objective and unemotional . This could lead to a lack of judgement. As such, it is just to seek out a trained professional with an impartial opinion.

Can a house fail inspection ?

No, an inspection is an examination of the current condition of your home. It is not an appraisal. A home inspector will simply describe the physical condition of your home and suggest any repairs or renovations that need to be made.

When do I call for a home inspector ?

Home inspectors are usually contacted right after the contract or purchase agreement of a home has been signed. Before you sign, you should verify that there is an inspection clause in the contract that makes your final purchase contingent on the findings of the professional home inspector. The clause should specify the terms to which both the buyer and seller are obligated.

Do I have to be there ?

It is recommended, but not required, that you be there for your home inspection. This way, you will be able to observe the inspector and ask questions directly. It will also make the written report easier to understand.

If the house proves to be in good condition, did I really need an inspector ?

Definitely. Now you can complete your purchase with open eyes to the condition of your property, its equipment and systems. You will also have learned so much and will be able to store it for future reference.

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